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As approved school furniture suppliers, we can guarantee that you will not only receive great customer service, but also great quality when you order from Spaces Taylored. We stock a vast range of products to suit all budgets, including indoor as well as outdoor furniture and activities. Our educational furniture range includes classroom chairs, school office desks, classroom storage, canteen furniture, staff room and chairs. Our products are available in a vast range of colours and finishes.


Classroom Desks & Tables

Classroom Desks and Tables

Spaces Taylored supply and install a diverse selection of classroom desks and tables suitable for a wide range of learning environments, including primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. Our school desks come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes and can be stackable or non stackable suitable for any age group from early primary through to use as exam desks. These can be suitable for children as well as being suitable for use as teachers desks.


Our classroom furniture range also includes desks which may be more suitable in secondary school and would be best placed for computing departments, ICT rooms, lab/science and art departments. The desks can be set standard sizes as well as height adjustable and also come in a variety of shapes and colours.


As with all our educational furniture our school and classroom desks and tables are of high quality and come with a full manufacturing warranty and aftercare.

Classroom Chairs & Seating

We supply a variety of child friendly seating solutions that are not just comfortable but also practical for specific age groups. Our seats feature contoured backs to support a healthy posture when working in a learning environment. Our chairs and schools come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, guaranteeing you will find something that is suitable for your primary or secondary educational setting.


As well as stacking chairs we also supply high chairs and classroom stools that would be suitable for use in secondary schools for use within sciences labs or art studios. Our products are made of robust materials and can withstand rigorous use, they are all made to be easy clean and wipeable.


Many of our classroom chair and stools can include additional features, such as hooks for hanging bags, round edges for safety and seat pads to provide added comfort.

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School Storage.jpeg

Classroom Storage

Spaces Taylored offer a wide selection of high quality classroom storage solutions ensuring your learning environment is kept tidy and organised. Whether you are looking to display school equipment or books or looking for extra storage within a cloakroom our storage range is all competitively priced and come in a variety of sizes, colours and designs so we are sure you will find some suitable.

Our school storage units come with both shallow or deep trays and can come with or without castors for easy handling and transportation. We also offer specialist storage cupboards for art equipment and lockers for personal belongings. You can pick from our range of child friendly designs and materials to suit a specific age range.

School Office Furniture

Spaces Taylored also supply school office furniture items such as office desks, chairs, pigeonhole units and cupboards. We can provide on a small scale level with a single office chair, office desks, office screens and office storage and filing cabinets.


On a larger scale basis we can create full office refurbishment and reception areas with our range of office reception desks, reception seating and office accessories or perhaps installing office pods or private meeting rooms with an office meeting room table within the more open plan office.

Office Desks
ErgoStak blue, breakout area main.png

School Canteens

Spaces Taylored supply high quality canteen furniture suitable for use in both primary and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities. Our school canteen tables include folding tables with benches to make cleaning up after lunch quick and easy with the ability to store away and use the area for a variety of other activities.


We also supply the more traditional type of dining hall tables that are all wipe clean with plastic/laminated tops. As with all our educational furniture we have a large diverse range coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

We also provide more sophisticated ranges including our bistro range of furniture that can also be used within cafes, these too can be mobile and stackable or built in booths. Our canteen furniture combines practicality with style, creating a dining area that complements the environment and makes their dining experience a relaxing breakaway from the classroom.

School Play Equipment

Spaces Taylored provide high quality school play equipment to all educational environments. Our play equipment range can cater for both the classroom setting or the playground setting. Bean bags, parachutes, hula hoops and skipping ropes are all great for promoting physical and emotional well being in children.

Our wide range of outdoor playground equipment allows for outdoor learning but can also include items such as climbing frames and monkey bars, for physical development as well as providing fun, innovative education based play.

library furniture.jpeg

School Libraries

Spaces Taylored understand the different aspects required to bring a library space together and make it a central learning space for pupils of all ages. Whether you want to incorporate soft seating and reading corners or study carrels and computer tables, we can help to plan your library to create the best learning environment for your needs. We supply a wide range of library furniture and shelving suitable for younger as well as older readers alike. With intersected playscapes and storage seating options we are sure to have the perfect product for your learning area.

We know that every institution has different needs and requirements for their school library furniture, with different uses of space, style and budget. During the design process, these factors are considered in order to provide an extensive range of fully functional school library furniture. With our diverse collection of library furniture for schools, you’ll be certain to find a suitable combination of equipment to use in your library. Whether you’re planning a renovation of the library in a primary school, secondary school or college, choose from our diverse range of school library furniture to find exactly what you need.

School Staff Rooms

Staffroom furniture is one of the most important rooms when furnishing your educational setting. Teachers just like anyone else deserve an orderly place to plan their work. A functional staff room should be just as modern as a classroom and is a multipurpose space for both teachers and visitors.

The staff room should cater for a range of needs and uses; comfortable furniture for relaxing rest breaks, ergonomic seating for working and a place for meets and quiet conversations. Our booth seating is idea for the latter. Teachers just like anyone else deserve an orderly place to plan their work.

Our range of quality products include staff room chairs ranging from simple metal frame sides to box seating units and tub chairs to relaxing faux leather lounge chairs. Most of the seating is available in a wide choice of fabrics, and will be suitable for any educational settings. As with all of our educational furniture this comes in different sizes, shapes, colours and fabric.

Spacious Living Room
Set of 6 Liquid Floor Tiles 50x50cm (6 Colours) 1.jpeg

Sensory Equipment

Our sensory specialists are dedicated to helping you create a sensory space that meets your needs and preferences. we strive to to ensure that the environment is both stimulating and calming, with the right combination of sensory input. We can provide a range of tactile treatments, such as weighted blankets, special cushions, and fidget toys, to help soothe and engage the senses.


Additionally, we are knowledgeable about which items and materials can offer the most positive sensory experiences, whether that be through visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, or proprioceptive stimulation.


Our goal is to help you create a space that is both calming and stimulating, so that you can enjoy the most beneficial sensory experience.

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