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COVID-19: Is work from home here to stay? What UK businesses are planning post-lockdown

Flexible working practices look to be a thing of the post-pandemic future, but when companies will implement these is unclear.

Businesses have started preparing plans to get their employees back to the office, although some suggest office culture may look different post-pandemic.

Its widely thought that there will be a very different style of working post-COVID than we had before. It is likely that companies will be moving to an agile way of working.

There may be much more of a hybrid model of people working in the office allowing staff to work from home when they want to.

The government's work-from-home (WFH) guidance has been in place now for over a year, and under the new roadmap out of lockdown, it could remain for some time.

Providing earlier steps of relaxed measures are deemed successful, the prime minister has said all restrictions on social contact could be removed by July at the earliest.

Preliminary data from the Harvey Nash Tech Survey 2021 found technology companies may need to hugely roll back on office spaces as the majority of workers surveyed had said they preferred to WFH.

Specifically, 79% of tech workers wanted to continue working three to five days from home after the pandemic.

This bumps up to 95% when asked about working two to five days from home.

Ultimately, numerous companies have been drawing up plans for future working practices, but many are yet to actually set a date for when employees can return to site. This could therefore give an idea of when we can legally go back to work as usual.

So can we see companies adopting a more flexible work/home life balance and implementing blended working?

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