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  • Ambience mood lighting – calming & relaxing
  • Completely portable
  • Long battery life
  • Remote control for colour & lighting phases
  • Remote control can also be used to control multiple units


Calm Your Mind using Colour Changing Sensory Light up Furniture


This kid-friendly night light is great for kids' rooms, featuring calming properties and perfect for sensory rooms. It is durable, versatile and can be altered with 6 colors and brightness levels, all with a remote.The portable LED Mood Furniture Light can be put inside or out. It runs for up to 11-12 hrs and is operated by remote, allowing for colour, mode, and phase changes as well as fading between the 6 main colours.


Sensory play aids in regulating and strengthening the five senses in children. It also aids in motor and cognitive skill development, language perception, communication, mathematics, and memory. Sensory play has been shown to relieve stress in kids. Colour-changing LED mood lights, in various shapes and sizes, can be placed anywhere in the room and are both aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable.

Colour changing mood Sphere 40cm

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