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The Excellent GoCabby from LapCabby stores, charges and synchronises 16 tablets with or without protective cases. It has a design that is suitable for all kinds of tablet, including iPad, Android tablets, Kindle Fire and more.

  • Easy to move with a telescopic case handle.
  • Supportive foam and Velcro straps to protect tablets in transit.
  • Intelligent charging automatically recognises and provides the required power for your device.
  • Future proof technology via updatable firmware. Easy to install updates will ensure your GoCabby can charge and sync all latest tablets
  • While charging the case can be closed and locked - internal fan keeps tablets cool during charging
  • Two locks at the top of the case can be secured with padlocks.
  • Bright and stylish design.


Stores, charges and simultaneously synchronises 16 tablets with or without protective cases.

Accommodates all USB - powered tablets including iPad, Android tablets, Kindle Fire, Learnpad and more. Protective cases include Griffin Survivor, Otterbox and other similar sized cases.

Exterior Design:

  • Telescopic trolley handle for easy movement.
  • 2 wheels and 4 feet to protect the GoCabby when open.
  • Two handles at each side allow the case to be carried safely.

Interior Design:

Tablets are placed in a supportive foam for protection. Velcro strap cover each row of tablets to hold them in place when being transported.

Foam lined compartment can house a laptop, its charger and Apple TV device.

Holder for a WiFi router and patch lead to an external RJ45 Face plate.

Case fully lined with foam for added protection for contents inside.

Cable Management:

Space-saving USB cable management keeps the cables compact, neat and tidy

Power is supplied to the GoCabby by a 2 metre mains cable with detachable IEC lead

Power Management & Synchronisation:

The intelligent charging allows you to charge multiple types of devices at the same time ensuring they all get the right amount of power.

Devices of the same type can also be synchronised all in one go saving you time when deploying apps and content.

The future proof design means that the boards are upgradeable so they can keep up with the current technology available.

Internal 13amp double socket for powering the router and the laptop.

When the device is fully charged but still plugged into the power supply our intelligent charging system will stop delivering power. Only when the device reaches the point of requiring additional charging will the charging system deliver any more power.

When the device battery reduces to a certain level recommended by tablet manufacturers our board detects when the device requires power and provides it until the devices are fully charged again.

Air Ventilation:

Fan inside keeps tablets cool when tablets are charging with the lid closed and locked for security.

Safety & Security:

Two locks positioned at the top of GoCabby which can be locked with padlocks.


Unit size: W565 x D400 x H795mm.

Tablet storage compartment: W222.5 x D32 x H314.5mm.


GoCabby Portable Tablet Charging Trolley

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