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Features of Sensory Play Light Up and Sand Table

  • A light table with a wooden construction box with top or floor quality.
  • Has a light-up table surface for optimal fun and exploration with 6 colour changing lighting choices.
  • It has six colour-changing large buttons for colour selection, which are easy for kids to use.
  • An additional acrylic frame that nicely fits to hold sand and mess contained on top of the light table.
  • It has LED lights which are efficient as they don’t overheat, and durable.
  • It has a shatter proof glass and made up of high-quality materials.
  • It has a simple storage and stacks easily.


A light table is a great way to spark curiosity and imagination in a child from a young age, since it not only enhances cognitive skills but also improves communication and learning skills. This light table has a wood construction and is perfect for sensory play and observation. It comes with six colour changing buttons, and an acrylic top to keep sand and mess contained. It enables intuitive and sensory play, allowing a variety of materials to be used to make light art. 



  • Its size is about 60/60/12 cm.
  • The top surface is of 55/55 cm.
  • Mains powered.
  • Weight up to 10kg.


In conclusion, the light table offers a range of activities from sensory play to arts and crafts to science. It not only provides an enjoyable learning experience for kids, but also helps develop their cognitive and motor abilities.

Light Table with Sand Table Top

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