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Silen Hybrid hubs have been designed with accessibility in mind, with a wider door that opens and closes automatically, a very low threshold for easy wheelchair entry, and a foldable table and seats for more space to move around. With the Silen Hybrid range, everyone can join in on a meeting easily and comfortably



  • A dedicated work pod for one person with a low threshold and an automatic door
  • Air circulation system with 25-30% more air flow than most competitors
  • Different colour configurations with up to 30 finish options
  • Excellent sound absorbing qualities up to 43db quieter inside
  • Integrated height-adjustable table with power outlet and USB chargers
  • Presence activated lights and air circulation



UL 962 certified


Stock availablity

Made to order

SH1 - Silen Hybrid easy access single acoustic hub

PriceFrom £14,400.00
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