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Equipment in a sensory room is designed to stimulate a child's senses. Vibrant colors, lights, and images will captivate young kids, while tactile development is encouraged through puzzles. The child can benefit from hearing sounds or music, and their sense of smell will be stimulated with certain items. The Sensory Toy Houseware has created the Wooden Padded Den, a piece of furniture with lighting that aids in the development of a child's senses. 


The Wooden Padded Den has calming, soft lighting to create a peaceful atmosphere. This lighting affects people's emotions and thinking, which is why it's used in the Den. This Den is composed of wood, specifically of Maple Melamine which is 1.8 centimetres thick. It is illuminated with LED lighting, which makes use of a total of two lights. The Den is supplied with the main power source. The total height of this den is almost about 1.25 metres, it is 0.72 metres wide and has a depth of about 0.4 metres.


Size: H1240 x W720 x D415mm

Colour: 18mm maple melamine faced board

PowerSource: Main

Wooden Padded Den with Mood lighting

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