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An office refurbishment is a fabulous opportunity to revitalise and refresh your office. It provides all the benefits of having a new office without incurring the huge costs of moving to a new office space.


Refurbishment refers to the renovation of an existing space, and can involve redecoration, new furniture, and even a new floor plan. The purpose of a refurbishment is to update and improve a space from how it currently looks.


Typically, a refurbishment will involve decorated elements in terms of wall decoration and sometimes flooring, but can also involve internal partitions, suspended ceillings and featured lighting.

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Can my office be refurbished without disrupting my business?

Depending on the contractor and the extent of the refurbishment, your business can continue to operate during a refurbishment. Contractors can carry out their work in different areas and work around employees to minimise disruption to a business and can also operate out-of-hours to work on areas not accessible during the work day.

Office Interiors and Refurbishments in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

Spaces Taylored provides fresh & innovative design ideas specifically for office, commercial & industrial sectors helping you transform your workplace into a highly motivational, productive and inspirational environment.

Spaces Taylored is one of Scotland’s leading specialists in office design, office refurbishment, office partitions, project management and office fit-outs. Achieving your requirements and providing efficient, practical and inspiring designs to suit your needs, managing the project with minimum disruption.

As principal contractor with a client list of many blue chip customers, Spaces Taylored is proud of its high level of repeat business, demonstrating year on year client satisfaction. Our highly skilled and multi-trade workforce enjoys close working relationships with carefully selected sub contractors.

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Our Approach to Office Refurbishment

A refurbished office can provide a refreshed workspace along with many other benefits. Our office refurbishment service can help you achieve these benefits.

Our workspace refurbishment service in the UK can help you get the most out of your workplace.


We offer solutions ranging from basic refurbishments to complete redesigns that can improve your office space and benefit your business.

Refurbishing your office space can have benefits for your workplace processes. It can save you money, increase team member performance, or free up space. Read more on our office refurbishment projects here.

We offer a full range of services for refurbishment projects, from design and installation to planning and completion, for both small and large projects. You can enjoy the benefits of a fresh office design without the expense of an entire office relocation.

Our office refurbishment approach is driven by data, so you can be confident your space will be revitalised with the right solutions.

Workplace Research

Our workplace consultancy service helps us understand your employees' needs and requirements. We use proven research techniques to explore the factors and employee behaviours that lead to enhanced business results. Working closely with you this helps us plan your office refurbishment.

Tailored Design

We will transform your office environment with a refurbishment that incorporates elements of comfort, innovation and inspiration, based on our workplace research. Our office interior designers will develop a bespoke design that tailors every aspect of your space to your brand and employee requirements.

3D Visualisation

We provide 3D visualizations of your reimagined office space so you can see the all-new office interior in detail. With complete transparency before your workplace refurbishment goes ahead, you can be assured there will be no surprises. Using space planning software, our team ensure you maximise your work space as well as visualise the environment prior to beginning the project.

Minimise Office Disruption

We minimise disruption to your business by completing refurbishment works over weekends and out-of-hours. We also ensure minimal disruption through phased project programmes, outlining where people sit during the refurbishment.

Post Occupancy

Our office refurbishment consultants will help you create a plan to optimise your workplace. We help you make the most of your office space with future-proof solutions after your refurbishment work as part of our aftercare. Spaces Taylored can also provide office furniture and items such as seating for your reception area, meeting rooms or breakout areas.

Specialists in Office Refurbishment

Our project management team specialises in office refurbishment and takes care of everything to reduce disruption. Our team provides a tailored service, ensuring your refurbishment is cost-effective, with smooth project management and delivery. At Spaces Taylored, we deliver high-quality office interior refurbishments that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether your project is large or small, we can help you revitalize your space and enhance your brand identity.


Bring Your Office Up to Date

An office that meets modern standards is crucial for business growth. Companies play an important role in creating a happy work environment, from advancing health and safety to focusing on employee well-being. You might find more help and inspiration from our Office Refurbishment Guide.

We can help you improve your workplace or office space with our extensive knowledge of office interior trends and years of industry experience.

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