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What is the Difference Between Office Fit Out and Office Refurbishment?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The Difference Between Office Fit out and Office Refurbishment is that a fit out is carried out on a new office space and a refurbishment is concerned with refurbishing your current office. In more detail fitting out an office refers to the process of making an interior office space suitable for occupation and is often used in relation to office developments, where the final fit-out is completed by the occupier. Office refurbishment refers to the renovation of an office, providing all the benefits of a new office without the costs or complications of relocating.

The Different Types of Office Fit Out

Due to the many processes involved in making a building suitable and safe to work in, there are a few varying kinds of office fit out depending on the stage of development that your building is at. Some companies may offer one type of fit-out, whereas some will offer the whole package.

Shell & Core: These kinds of fit-outs involve getting the basic, concrete structure of the building ready for the purpose. With a Shell & Core fit-out, the building structure has already been put together and constructed by building teams. The space they’ve constructed is only the ‘shell’ of the building, so a shell & core fit-out fully prepares this space for use by adding basic mechanics and electrical work.

Category A: A Category A fit-out is the next step up from shell and core. This stage is where more complex mechanical and electrical work is added, such as lighting. Raised access flooring and suspended ceilings are also fitted out during the Category A process, alongside toilets, fire detection systems and air conditioning units. After this stage, the space is now fully functioning and ready to be furnished.

Category B: This is the closest type of fit-out similar to office refurbishment, where the final details such as furniture are added, and interior design techniques are considered. The difference is that the phrase ‘Category B Fit Out’ is used to describe the interior design, furnishings and finer details added to a space that didn’t already have existing furnishings.

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