The Importance of 3D Drawings for Office Fit-Out Projects

A step up from 2D design, 3D visualisation and CAD drawings are used by interior designers to plan commercial spaces. They are realistic visuals that provide a walkthrough of the future space. This has changed the way designers communicate with clients, as they can present a life-like plan of a refurbished room from a variety of angles.

3D renderings are an important step when planning your office layout, as well as designing smaller projects such as desks and partition systems. They can save your business time and money. Here are some more reasons as to why 3D drawings are vital to create your new office renovation:

Planning Accuracy

Following essential site visits and consultations, our in house designers begin to sketch your 3D office plan, beginning with a floor plan and ensuring that the interiors are tailored to your company's growth and office needs. The drawings are realistic and accurate, making sure that sizing is precise and space has been efficiently filled.

Our designers go beyond just the basics of your planned project, and take your company's values into account to create a design that reflects them. We understand that it can be difficult to know exactly how you want your office to look, which is why it's important for us to establish your company's branding, beliefs, and purpose. This way, we can accurately represent them in the 3D plans through furniture, color, fabric, and more.

Easy Communication