How Much Does an Office Fit Out Cost?

Updated: Feb 8

When looking at how much an office fit out will cost, many companies use an online space calculator to provide a typical cost based of the square metre of the office space or work environment. Spaces Taylored doesnt feel that this gives an accurate account of an indictive cost to carry out the office fit out. There is a range of issues that need to be taken into account when looking at each individual project to fully understand client needs and requirements to ensure the solution is right for them.

Some factors that influence fit-out project costs

As every building throws up different challenges, we strongly recommend a free no-obligation site visit. This is the best way of ensuring we fully understand your requirements before providing a quote for the office refurbishment costs based on actual requirements as opposed to fit out cost per square foot. Some of the things we take into account before providing a quote are:

  • Could the environment benefit from space planning to maximise their space for growth

  • Whether or not the installation of meeting rooms are required

  • Is there a need for more collaboration with the introduction of breakout spaces

  • Whether noise is an issue and the introduction of acoustics could solve this

  • Is there to be hybrid working in which hotbox products can be introduced

  • Is there a need for the raising of floors, installing partitioning or any electrical works required

  • Does air conditioning need to be installed

  • Does the environment require the addition of branding

  • Installation of new office furniture or is the client intending to keep exisiting office furniture</