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How Much Does an Office Fit Out Cost?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Many companies use an online space calculator to estimate the cost of an office fit-out. The calculator bases the cost on the square metre of the office space or work environment. Spaces Taylored doesnt feel that this gives an accurate account of an indictive cost to carry out the office fit out. We need to consider a variety of factors when assessing each project. This includes understanding the client's needs and requirements to guarantee the solution is suitable.

Some factors that influence fit-out project costs

As every building throws up different challenges, we strongly recommend a free no-obligation site visit. This is the best way of ensuring we fully understand your requirements before providing a quote for the office refurbishment costs based on actual requirements as opposed to fit out cost per square foot. Some of the things we take into account before providing a quote are:

  • Could the environment benefit from space planning to maximise their space for growth

  • Whether or not the installation of meeting rooms are required

  • Is there a need for more collaboration with the introduction of breakout spaces

  • Whether noise is an issue and the introduction of acoustics could solve this

  • Is there to be hybrid working in which hotbox products can be introduced

  • Is there a need for the raising of floors, installing partitioning or any electrical works required

  • Does air conditioning need to be installed

  • Does the environment require the addition of branding

  • Installation of new office furniture or is the client intending to keep exisiting office furniture

Taking all of the above into account there are other factors to consider such as the level of finish and whether the fit out is cat a or cat b fit out or just a basic office fit out. Just like anything else there is a price range which tends to be a pattern of low, mid and high level costs.

Basic office fit-out costs

A basic office fit out we would estimate to be around £40 per square foot. This would involve adding some new flooring, simple redecoration and the installation of basic office desks and seating. This option is for clients with a restricted budget but looking to ensure their space is a comfortable working environment.

How Much Does an Office Fit Out Cost?

Mid-Level Office Fit-Out Costs

A mid-level office fit out we would estimate to begin at around £50 per square foot. Most of our clients fall into this category, allowing them to create a beautiful working environment with some structural changes and improvements to existing things such as lighting, plants and cabling. The end result would give the client good quality office furniture, where durable and ergonomic furniture is selected.

High-spec office fit out costs

A high level office fit out we would estimate to begin at around £65 per square foot. In this case the space would be completely revamped to ensure all feasible improvements cant be made to the highest quality. Bespoke furniture and joinery is often included in this type of project. Mechanical and electrical works can also be included, which can increase the cost.

How Much Does an Office Fit-Out Really Cost?

As you can see as much or as little can be spent on an office fit out dependant on your needs and budget. Whilst online fit out cost calculators can give an indicative cost it is much better to arrange an initial site visit to fully assess the environment from the offset. Collecting all of the information at the initial stage gives a more accurate and upfront cost.

If you are after a quick quote/average cost we are more than happy to offer an indication of costs for an office fit-out project and office design per sq ft. To obtain more precise cost estimates on what you would expect to pay, it is advisable to schedule a brief conversation with our office fit-out specialists to talk about arranging a site visit with your assigned project manager. We hope you found our fit out cost guide useful.

Call us on 0843 122 9545 or drop us an email to find out how we can transform your current working environment into an inspirational place that you’ll love to spend time in. Be proud of your office space with the help of Spaces Taylored.

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