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Workplace consulting can help you understand your company, your employees, and your physical locations, as well as providing insights and actions that will continue to grow your company and support staff while still lowering costs and waste.


What is workplace consultancy?

Workplace consultancy can help you understand how to use your current space more efficiently and assess how it can be optimised for the future to support your work style.

How you benefit

  • You can improve your organisation's performance by gathering insights that evaluate and review your requirements. This will help you streamline costs and improve engagement.

  • We examine how you use your workspace to learn your current working habits and your aspirations, but not limited to, employee satisfaction surveys, change management planning, and workplace accreditations, giving you a unique way to drive company success.

  • We're here to help you move forward, from administering and reviewing employee sentiment surveys to designing and delivering your final plan.


"People are a significant portion of an organisation's costs. Therefore, it is essential to have a workplace that meets the requirements of its people in order to have a productive and happy workplace." Spaces Taylored.

How we do it



To get an overview of your current ways of working and discover how space is utilised by each function of your company, we perform a series of audits and studies.


Space utilisation studies

Over a two-week period, our team of discrete auditors monitors your office's operations, including meeting room, desk, and ancillary space use to determine how and when spaces are used.

Online questionnaires

Our comprehensive online questionnaire is designed to capture your team's demographics, personalities, their perception of the work environment, and how they use it.

1-to-1 interviews

We interview department heads to find out specific needs, objectives and future plans of each team.

Workplace champion workshops

We use small group activities to see if your team's goals align with the business leaders. We find out what kind of interactions the team has by looking at how they use space and visual shapes. We also look at the colors and finishes to get an idea of the future space's personality.


How does workplace consultancy help you?



  • Improved communication and collaboration

  • Improved employee wellbeing

  • Improved employee attraction, retention and engagement

  • Improved employee performance




  • Increased productivity and profitability

  • Heightened customer engagement

  • Increased flexibility when responding to change

  • A workplace reflective of culture and brand




  • Reduced operating expenditure

  • Reduced rental costs

  • Improved sustainability measures

  • A workplace that supports each team

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