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As trusted office furniture suppliers, we can guarantee that you will not only receive great customer service, but also great quality when you order from Spaces Taylored. We stock a vast range of products to suit all budgets, from height adjustable desks to ergonomic chairs. Our range includes office chairs, office desks, call centre desks, meeting tables, office pods and reception furniture. Our products are available in a vast range of colours and finishes.

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Commercial Office Furniture

Spaces Taylored are an office furniture suppliers and interior specialists. Spaces Taylored supply and install quality office furniture, suitable for all types of business, including small or large commercial and home offices.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction we build relationships with our clients and work closely to ensure our vast range of office furniture is suitable to their needs. From Ergonomic Chairs for improved posture and height adjustable desks for sitting or standing to full installation of office social spaces for collaborative working. We are confident we can provide the correct solution for you.

As each business have different needs, we offer free design and space planning to ensure that you are making the most of your working environment. Providing a productive and engaging place to work. We passionately believe your organisation should look great and feel comfortable.

We can service clients on a small scale level with a single office chair, office desks, office storage and office screens. On a larger scale basis we can create reception areas with our range of office reception desks, reception seating and office accessories or perhaps installing office pods or private meeting rooms with an office meeting room table within the more open plan office.

Home Office Furniture

Whether you are looking for furniture for your home office or small business we offer solutions to turn your office into a place you can enjoy spending time in. Our home office desks and home office chairs can be modern or traditional  to suit all tastes. Many people are working from home at a dining table which throws the work life balance and can be counterproductive.


We have a wide range of products available to suit any space. Rectangular or corner desks can be useful where space is tight, executive office chairs give an office feel whilst providing the correct lumbar support and filing cabinets for storing your office accessories keeps things organised. 

Office Desks

Commercial Office Desks​

Creating the perfect office starts with choosing the correct office desk. Here at Spaces Taylored we offer a diverse range of office desks. These include height adjustable desks for sitting or standing, rectangular desks, computer desks and corner desks for smaller office spaces and wave desks for a more modern layout. We even offer next day delivery. 


All of our desks can be tailored to your requirements, coming in a variety of colours. Using our free space planning service, we can help you choose the layout of your desks to maximise your office space.

Office Chairs​

The majority of the day is spent on an office chair, therefore it is important to ensure you choose the best chair you can. We believe it is important to have a supportive and comfortable office chair that is of high quality. Spaces Taylored supply a large range of chairs to suit all budgets. This range includes; executive office chairs, ergonomic office chairs, conference chairs all with the option to include lumbar support for improved comfort.


Our wide range of office seating will ensure you will have no problem finding the office chair that best suits your needs. A comfortable employee is a productive employee.

Office Chairs
Boardroom Tables

Meeting Table / Boardroom Table

Having a space to collaborate with colleagues and meeting with clients to discuss ideas and business is paramount in any workplace. Our wide range of high quality boardroom tables are designed to reflect your companies brand, corporate identity and create an impressive meeting space. We offer a large variety of meeting room tables in a variety of shapes and styles.


We offer a space planning service to maximise your office space and select the styles of tables with different configurations to suit your desired layout. Regardless of the meeting area, we have a style to suit all meeting environments.

Reception Desks

Reception areas are the first impression both employees and clients have when visiting your workspace so it is extremely important for this area to be of high quality. Our comprehensive range of reception desks and reception seating come in a wide range of styles and range of colours too. These furniture products suit all workspaces as no two reception areas are the same. From a small reception with led lighting to a reception waiting room with coffee tables our office reception furniture is diverse.

Reception Desk
Breakout Seating

Breakout Furniture

Breakout areas are ideal for creating a modern and multi-functional workspace. Our range of breakout seating allows you to develop the an inspirational space for collaborative working and holding informal meetings. The range includes things such as modular seating, meeting room pods, lounge chairs and high tables. These all come in a range of colours to choose from ensuring your breakout space is in line with your branding, creating a productive space to work.

Office Booths

Used to combat noise pollution within working environments, these modular meeting pods are ideal for sound absorbing within busy working areas such as an open plan office. These are great places to hold informal meetings and exchange ideas with a degree of privacy. The office booths can be places either against walls or in the middle of an open plan area. Acoustic booths give office space a more modern and productive vibe. The material of these booths can be fully customised in a range of colours and finishes, creating a workspace that is not only comfortable but an enjoyable to spend time in as well.

Office Storage

Office Storage

We realise just how important it is to find the most appropriate office storage solutions for your organisation. Without adequate office storage, workspaces can quickly become cluttered and unorganised with the risk of loosing important documents. We offer a full range of office storage furniture and storage solutions to suit both commercial and home offices. Whether you are looking for filling cabinets, storage lockers, bookcases or pedestals these all come in a range of unique styles and colours. We have recently introduced Hot Box to our offering, which provides portable office storage, allowing for flexible working and a clean desk policy.

Office Pods

Due to the advances in technology, the office space is changing and as are the way people are working. In order to increase flexibility, enhance employee concentration and improve productivity these needs to be a distraction free workspace. These standalone office pods have been developed with this in mind, providing both visual and acoustic privacy within busy offices and environments. These pods have integrated power sockets, shelves and led lighting, creating the perfect space to take phone calls and escape the noise pollution of a busy workspace.

Stand Height Desks


Our range of tables include; stand height tables, boardroom tables and tilt-top tables. Meeting tables allow for a comfortable, functional and well organised working environment when paired together with the correct seating. Tables can be used throughout office spaces in areas such as receptions, canteens, breakout areas, flexible working spaces and meeting rooms. We offer these tables in a diverse range of finishes and base types. We are confident we can provide the best solution to meet your needs and help create the perfect workspace for you.​


Due to the popularity of an open plan office one of the main reason focus is lost at work is the distraction of office noise. Workplace acoustics are used for reducing noise within office environments. They work by absorbing sound waves and blocking noise levels in busy office spaces. Our office acoustics are made from absorptive materials and come in a wide range from acoustic ceiling tiles to acoustic wall panels. We highly recommend everyone with a busy work environment to use workplace acoustic products to increase levels of concentration and productivity.

Office Acoustics
Desk Screens


Screens within the workplace can be used for a variety of things including, privacy, noise reduction, room dividers or to create a breakout area. We offer screens for every situation and can be either desk mounted office dividers or free standing office screens. Our range of office screens come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and can be of a colour and finish to match your brand. These really are a cost effective means to maximise your existing office space.

Office Accessories 

Office accessories can include a number of products either used collaboratively or independently to increase productivity, improve ergonomics and increase wellbeing. These include monitor arms to hold your screen, lifting it off the desk to create more working space and allowing for easy movement of the screen to the correct working position. Sit and stand mats improve ergonomics and support posture when used with a height adjustable desk. Then there are biophilic elements which incorporate office plants and nature into the working environment to promote health and wellbeing. These are just a few office accessories that can be incorporated into your workplace to improve aesthetics and functionality, boosting overall productivity. 

Office Accessories

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