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We have everything you need for the perfect office pod, whether you want one for indoor or outdoor use. Office pods are great for maintaining a work-life balance, as they can be used for personal calls, independent work, or sharing with colleagues. We aim to help our clients save money with our products but still ensure that they receive high-quality office furniture that provides flexibility.


Commercial Office Pods

An "Office Pod" is a room-within-a-room solution that provides private meeting space for offices. It can include meeting room pods, workstation pods, office work booths, and office phone booths. Office pods are a great way to get around traditional construction solutions. Pods are stand-alone units that are designed to be self-contained, so you don't need planning permission, and they meet all building and fire safety standards.

Office pods are increasing in popularity in the modern day office due to their ability to provide private meeting space or 'quiet zones' for focused work within the open-plan office environment. Acoustic Office Pods create movable room-in-rooms of various sizes without requiring planning permission or dilapidation costs at the end of the lease.

We offer a range of office pods, including meeting room pods, cellular office pods, lounge pods, work pods, and desk pods. Each pod comes in a variety of materials and colors to match your workspace.

Acoustic meeting pods come in many styles, sizes, and finishes, and can be customized to your requirements. Each pod has different acoustic properties, due to its unique structure and wall panels, which help with sound reverberation. Soundproof pods for offices provide excellent noise reduction and speech privacy, creating a comfortable space for office work and confidential meetings.


Other features of acoustic pods for offices to deal with privacy and for comfort and creativity include; Led lighting and air circulation activated by infra-red motions sensor, Power outlets and USB charging ports, Whiteboard panel, TV monitor brackets and pinboards and Pods include meeting tables and acoustic furniture

Office Phone Booths

Phone pods and phone booths are a great way to add privacy and an acoustic barrier in an open-plan office setting. They are also easy to move if you need to change the layout of your office or move the office itself, making them a good investment. Office phone booths provide a single-user space ideal for making personal or video conference calls, preventing workers from pacing around the office or using large meeting rooms for privacy. They come in many shapes and sizes and are the most compact solution for small workplaces.


Meeting Room Pods 

Office meeting pods are a space-saving and modern alternative to traditional meeting rooms. They mean that businesses can make better use of their space by not having to dedicate an entire room to meetings that only take place a few times a day or week. If you need a place to hold meetings but the meeting room could be better used as office space, meeting pods could be the most space and cost-effective solution.

Available in both standard sizes and as modular room-in-rooms, meeting room pods offer a wide range of acoustically enhanced shapes and sizes for all types of business-related tasks. Office meeting pods can provide extra meeting space when needed, private offices for departments or managers, and smaller meeting pods or work booths for video conferences.

Office Work Pods  

A work pod is an individual working space that allows workers to go and work in a separate space away from the immediate working environment. A work pod has the benefits of a separated space but being semi-permanent can be relocated with none of the waste of dismantling a conventional partitioned room.


Working in an open office has never been easier, but it has also never been harder to stay focused and get work done. Office work pods provide a solution for workers who need a space to escape the openness of the office and focus undisturbed. These pods are designed as small, enclosed desks that provide everything a worker needs to stay connected and get work done.


Acoustic Office Pods

Acoustic pods are designed to be as quiet as a conventional partitioned room, if not quieter. They include doors that close into a frame, enhancing the sound insulation. Acoustic pods are becoming increasingly popular as the need for meeting spaces and quiet zones in open-plan offices or other open areas grows.


Acoustic pods create a space within a space, providing a more private and quiet setting. They are now available with several features to make each meeting or user session as comfortable as possible, including led lighting controlled by infra-red, whiteboard panels, TV monitor units, and air circulation units.

Garden Office Pods

Looking to hold summer meetings outdoors? We can help build you a custom garden building to suit your needs. More and more people are choosing to spend time outdoors in the summer, so why not consider our selection of garden rooms or pods? We can help you find a stylish and functional addition to your office garden. A garden office is a great place to work if you are working from home, and it's perfect for hosting staff green retreats, group meetings, and consultations.


Why Choose An Office Pod?


An office pod can provide additional defined space in your office environment, separate from the rest of the office. This can be beneficial for employees who need a private space to work or hold meetings. We promise you will love your work life once you have an office pod. They are perfect for companies that hold many meetings or for those who need some quiet time in an open office.

The office pod has become popular within the modern office environment. Here are some of the benefits of using pods in the office:

  • It can be used for a range of purposes

  • Can be designed and built to specification

  • Furniture can come in separate or built-in

  • Many styles and sized office pods to choose from

  • It offers a flexible working space

  • Improves the well-being amongst staff

  • Lowers the stress of office workers

  • All are movable office pods - some on wheels

  • More cost-effective than building an internal space over the medium term.

  • Acoustic pods offer a break from the noise of open plan or better sound privacy.

  • Quicker to reconfigure compared to partitions.

  • No need to require planning permission

How do I find the right office pod for my company?

Here at Spaces Taylored, we can help you choose the right type of meeting pod for your needs, based on your space and flexibility requirements, and your building's regulations.

When it comes to needing an office design company that offers meetings and office pods to businesses throughout the UK, then be sure to get in touch with our team. We have a range of pods that can be used for various purposes such as meetings, chill-out zones and much more.

We offer pods from leading manufacturers that are designed to offer a functional and comfortable independent office space. For more information on the office pods we offer, feel free to contact Spaces Taylored; our team will be happy to assist and can even offer you refurbishment services when you need them.

Contact us now and find out how your office could benefit from our range of soundproof pods for offices.

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