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The Main Reasons Your Office Needs Privacy Pods

Office pods have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer many benefits over traditional office spaces. In this blog post, we'll explore what office pods are and why they may be right for your business.

What are office pods?

Office pods are private office spaces that are comfortable and practical, offering peace and quiet from the open plan office. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and can include furniture such as desks or couches. They provide a place for employees to escape the chaos of office life of an open office and get some uninterrupted work done in a private space. This increases productivity by allowing workers to focus on tasks without interruption.

Why would you use an office pod?

Interruption from peers and management is a common office problem within every working environment. An ideal solution for this problem is the installation of office pods, these provide an ideal space where an employees environmental needs can be met to allow them to achieve their full potential, within the same office building.

How much are office pods?

The cost of office pods will vary depending on the style, size, and other factors such as furniture, acoustics, lighting, extras, and compliance. The unit cost of pods will decrease with quantity, as long as the finishes are similar.

Most office pod brands offer maintenance services to keep your pods in good condition. This includes wear-and-tear from normal use or damage from moving the office. Office pods are designed to last for a long time, and most brands will maintain them at no cost. The benefit of an employee who is more effective in the workplace with less distraction will ensure there is a good ROI with the use of office pods.

Main reasons your office needs privacy pods

Increase productivity

Office pods are a great way to increase productivity by giving employees a dedicated space to work on deadlines and tasks which require a more focused environment. This is especially useful for team projects, as it allows for easy brainstorming and feedback but also as useful for those sole tasks where deep concentration is necessary. Office pods also provide the perfect space for more common zoom meetings without having to take up boardroom time and/or space.

Boost office morale

Office pods help improve office morale by providing employees with a space that is entirely their own, where they can take a break from office life as needed. Taking a break from the office for even a short period of time can significantly increase your comfort level and focus when you return to work. Increase productivity while decreasing the costs of unmotivated or engaged employees.

Easy to transport

Office pods are easy to move between office spaces. Office workers can set up their pod in a new office an

d all the furniture will be in place! This is especially useful if you have multiple office spaces or need to move to a different city for business. Having an office space for your workers to work from can be very beneficial.


Office pods offer employees soundproof working space, perfect for those who need confidentiality or a place to take phone calls without disturbing coworkers. Pods are easy to customise with features like white noise machines, dimed lighting, wall insulation, and window insulation, making them ideal for sensitive situations.

What to consider when buying an office pod:

Before investing in an office pod, be sure to check reviews and testimonials to ensure you are getting a high-quality product. Be sure to check the office pod size to get a very accurate measurement of your office to ensure you get the correct office pod to suit your working space.

If your office looks good, it will likely have a great professional atmosphere. If your chosen office pod company can offer pods that match your office style, that would be ideal. Spaces Taylored always strives to help clients match their working environment to their brand guidelines to achieve the most productive and professional environment.

For office pod furniture, be sure to check the quality and durability of any office chairs or desks offered by your office pod company before you buy them. If they are not durable then it will add costs in the long run as you may need to replace them much more often.

When choosing an office pod, be sure to look for extras like desks, chairs, soundproofing, and white noise machines to help office workers concentrate. These features can help make your office space more functional and comfortable.

Final thoughts

Office pods are a great way to offer employees privacy and comfort, while also helping you save on office costs and space. Office workers will thank you for finding an affordable solution like office pods, which can boost morale, and productivity and help employees feel more engaged in their working environment.

Office pods are a key part of the modern workplace. They provide privacy in a world where office space is limited. They also encourage collaboration, lower stress levels, and provide space for confidential conversations. An office pod can be easily relocated from one part of the building to another, which is more cost-effective than a built meeting room. All of these factors are crucial for a successful office workflow.

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