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10 Steps to Office Fit Out and Refurbishment Success

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

When deciding whether to relocate or refurbish your office, you're making an investment in your business's future. Spaces Taylored are leading specialists with in the fit out and refurbishment industry. Here's how to get the most return on investment for your project:

  1. Choose your internal project team

  2. Research

  3. Building search and survey

  4. Choose your fit out specialist

  5. Design development and approval

  6. Lead in to build

  7. The build and furniture installation

  8. Dilapidations

  9. The big move

  10. Relocation or refurbishment review

Step 1: Choose your internal project team

This is a big decision that requires careful consideration. You need to appoint a key member of staff to act as a strong project manager and team that includes all key departments. You also need a clear budget for your relocation or fit out project.

Step 2: Research

We analyse your workplace, workflows, opinions, moods, costs, benefits, and goals to help you identify what works and what doesn't, what your limitations and aspirations are, and what your long-term strategy should be.

Step 3: Building search and survey

If your current workspace doesn't meet your needs in terms of cost, location, or space, you need one that will last you into the next decade. A commercial property agent can help you find and secure your new workspace.

Step 4: Choose your fit out specialist

You will need an office relocation or refurbishment company to help you assess your existing space options from an architectural, mechanical, electrical, and financial perspective. This will help you make the right decision by taking into account the pros and cons of each option. Taking into account both office design including brand identity and office refurbishment options.

Step 5: Design development and approvals

Your office interior designers need your support, information, and feedback to create your new workspace, considering factors such as color schemes and materials, collaboration space, and departmental relationships.

Step 6: Lead in to build

When refurbishing your office, be mindful of productivity levels and work with your fit out partner to plan the refurbishment for minimal disruption. Keep the whole office informed throughout the process.

Step 7: The build and furniture installation

Don't take a back seat during the fit out - be proactive and don't hesitate to ask your partner questions and make suggestions.

Step 8: Dilapidations

One of the least exciting aspects of relocating an office is commercial dilapidations clauses, which demand that you leave your old office space as you found it. Make sure your fit out contractor has everything approved to avoid any costly mistakes.

Step 9: The big move

Based on your fit out partner's suggestions, ensure you use the best office removal company you can, back up your facts, brief your employees, and schedule a welcome session or training pack for their brand new workspace.

Step 10: Relocation or refurbishment review

Once staff have settled and things have returned to normal, there may be some minor issues. Get the project team together and conduct a full office review to ensure will you catch and resolve any issues early.

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