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8 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Office

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Companies tend to start in tiny office spaces. Whilst some small businesses may be able to make the most of this space to thrive, others struggle in smaller cramped spaces. This can be bad for business as it could affect staff morale and reduce productivity.

However, everyone has to start somewhere and there is not always an initial budget to rent a large office spaces or move to a bigger location if your business is outgrowing your current space. The good news is there are many things you can do to transform your small workspace.

Here we share with you our top tips to make the most of small office spaces…

1. Make Common Areas Functional

An office with many shared desks, cubicles and workspaces can quickly begin to feel very cramped and crowded. People need space to work effectively. Breakout areas or common spaces can be used to divide a small office, giving the appearance and feeling of a more spacious zone. Allowing employees to stretch both physically innovatively can have a major affect on overall and productivity.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

Getting rid of things you don’t want can free up any space and can make a huge difference to any area. With little workspaces and offices this can have an immense effect. Going through stored items that are no longer useful or have not been used in a while can give back space you didn’t realise you had.

3. Go Paperless

These days important documents can be signed and stored digitally. Whilst it is great to sometimes have physical duplicates of certain types of paper documents, you can actually save a whole lot of space going digital and paperless.

Once this is embraced you will be surprised at the time you can save as well as space when recording, filling and storing paperwork. Getting rid of bulky filling cabinets will also make more space for employes to enjoy and utilise more effectively.

4. Buy Small Scale Furniture

Instead of trying to ignore the fact the space, you are working with is small. Accept the space as it is and purchase furniture that is suitably sized. Larger furniture and desks can give the feeling that the space is even smaller than it is.

Traditional bulky desks and oversized filing cabinets could overcrowed the small space. Instead opt for lighter scaled office furniture with open silhouettes. Make the most of the space by investing in new furniture, to get the most out of the space you are in. In the short term if can become a more cost effective alternative to finding or renting a larger and often more expensive workspace.

5. Embrace Natural Light

Workspaces with no windows tend to feel extremely small. Natural light is amazing for making any workplace feel more spacious and less claustrophobic.

Try to open any blinds and curtains as much as possible and avoid anything that blocks natural light from entering the space. Capitalise on windows as much as possible and position furniture accordingly.

6. Stay Organised

Whilst this might seem like common sense it is still worth a mention as its impact is second to none and can be immensely effective when making the most of the space you have.

Staying on top of clutter, getting rid of older (no longer required) documents, furnishings can have a dramatic effect. Ensuring employees work to this rule can stop the place feeling cramped and become a more comfortable place to work.

7. Decorate Strategically

Small workspaces can be enhanced to feel more spacious using a few key decorative choices. Wall to wall flooring can make offices appear larger, whilst mirrors can be both decorative and functional at expanding the spaces appearance. Again, choosing the most strategically sized furniture, i.e. a small desk, for the space can ensure the area does not feel too cramped.

Choosing lighting and colours carefully can ensure the space is both simple and practical. Choosing your brand colours with a lighter shade will instil your brand identity whilst enhancing the space you have.

8. Storage Walls

Replacing bulky filing cabinets with an alternative office storage solution is an effective way to make the most of small office spaces. These are designed to fit around different office elements and can save a huge amount of office floor space. In turn giving the feel of a larger office environment, making the space feel like a more modern place to work.

In conclusion your office space might be small but using these tips can help to transform workspaces in an environment that can feel so much more spacious than first thought. Empowering your employees, gaining a more productive workforce and making the workplace an overall happier place to be.

Spaces Taylored is always happy to share tips for boosting office productivity and alternative office ideas. Whether your looking to enhance your small home office or make your living room a more productive place to work, or just to stock up on office supplies, get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.

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