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A Guide to Office Refurbishment​

An office refurbishment is an exciting and great opportunity to refresh your working environment. It has the same perks of creating or moving to a new office whilst removing the costs of changing to a new office location. We have created this guide for anyone considering an office refurbishment, it includes all of the aspects required to make your refurbishment successful.

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  • What is an office refurbishment?

  • What is the difference between an office refurbishment and an office fit out?

  • What is the benefits of an office refurbishment?

  • What is your motive? Why are you considering an office refurbishment?

  • Prepare your brief. What are you hoping to gain from your office refurbishment?

  • Look for some Inspiration from project examples of office refurbishments.

  • Set up a team and project manager as a single point of contact to liase with your office refurbishment partner.

  • How to choose the right office refurbishment partner for you.

  • Work out a budget for your office refurbishment

  • Scheduling a suitable time for your office refurbishment.

  • Space planning your new office refurbishment.

  • 3D Visualisations of your new office refurbishment. 

  • Choosing the right furniture for your office refurbishment

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What is an Office Refurbishment? 

Whether you are looking for furniture for your home office or small business we offer solutions to turn your office into a place you can enjoy spending time in. Our home office desks and home office chairs can be modern or traditional  to suit all tastes. Many people are working from home at a dining table which throws the work life balance and can be counterproductive.


We have a wide range of products available to suit any space. Rectangular or corner desks can be useful where space is tight, executive office chairs give an office feel whilst providing the correct lumbar support and filing cabinets for storing your office accessories keeps things organised. 

Office Desks

What is the Difference between an Office Refurbishment and an Office Fit-Out?

Sometimes an office refurbishment and an office fit out can be confused as being the same thing, however a fit out involves a new office space being fitted out and a refurbishment is when an existing office spaces is being refurbished.

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Benefits of an Office Refurbishment​

The majority .

Office Chairs
Boardroom Tables

What is your Motive? Why are you Considering an Office Refurbishment?

Having a

Prepare your Brief. What are you hoping to gain from your office Refurbishment?


Reception Desk
Breakout Seating

Look for some Inspiration from some Project Examples of Office Refurbishments. 


Set Up a Team and Project Manager as a Single Point of Contact to Liase with your Office Refurbishment Partner. 


Office Storage

How to Choose the Correct Office Refurbishment Partner for you.


Work out your Budget for your Office Refurbishment Partner


Storage Wall

Scheduling a Suitable Time for your Office Refurbishment


Space Planning your New Office Refurbishment


Stand Height Desks
Office Acoustics

3D Visualisations of your New Office Refurbishment 


Choosing the Furniture for your New Office Refurbishment


Desk Screens

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Office Clearance

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