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How to Choose the Correct Classroom Table & Chair Size for Students within the Learning Environment.

Ensuring that the height of classroom tables and chairs is appropriate for them is crucial. Ensuring children remain engaged in a stimulating environment is essential for the enjoyment and wellbeing of their academic learning and growth. The concentration and posture benefits from ergonomists and physiotherapists are well documented.

In 2007 the European standard for school table heights and chair heights underwent a revamp (EN1729). This brought about

How to Choose the Correct Classroom Table & Chair Size for Students within the Learning Environment.

a new minimum height for both classroom tables and classroom chairs that was dependant on the age of the child.

As an educational furniture supplier in Scotland, Spaces Taylored fully understands that choosing the correct table and chair heights can be confusing, overwhelming, and even a little frustrating too. This is why we’ve put together some easy to understand guidelines, that makes choosing the correct size of table and chairs somewhat easier.

How to Choose The Correct Chair Size

Not only does our classroom furniture come in a range of designs, finishes and materials but also in height ranges too. When choosing the correct classroom chair these things all needs to be taken into account as does the comfort of the child, a comfortable child, is a more engaged child who is ready to learn.

As a general rule, the seat height should be in correlation to a child’s age, and the child's feet should be able to touch the floor when they sit back in the chair. This applies to all age groups and is important to remember when choosing school furniture.

How to Choose The Correct Table Size

The engagement and comfort of the child also apply when choosing the size of a classroom table. The table should be low enough to allow a child to rest their elbows comfortably, whilst providing enough room to fit their legs under it.

Accessibility should also be taken into account for a child with any additional support needs, such as could wheelchair accessibility.

The diagram below should be a helpful illustration of the general height requirements for choosing both the classroom chair and classroom desk for the age of a child.


Call us on 0843 122 9545 or drop us an email to discuss any requirements that you might have for your classroom and we will do our best to help. You can also view our educational catalogue below.

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