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Tips for Bringing Plants into the Workspace

Our guest blog by Percy at Plant Plan.

Planting is growing hugely in popularity – over the last few years it’s now become commonplace for companies to have plants in their offices, and the benefits have been well detailed in countless blog posts and whitepapers.

Enhanced air quality, employee wellbeing, and increased productivity are all improvements that companies will see when incorporating plants into their space.

But it’s not always that simple. Below are 3 points to help you on your way to office plant utopia…

1. Plan ahead

It’s a good motto to have when organising anything, but especially planting. Make sure you are thinking about plants and how you want them incorporated in a space as early as possible. This means that the plant scheme can be more cohesive within the space and makes it easier for everyone involved. There’s nothing worse than a few plants popped in a space right at the end of a project – it often just looks so last minute and doesn’t finish the space properly at all.

2. Engage a professional

I highly recommend engaging a professional planting company (such as Plant Plan) as this is the best way to keep the planting like it should be. This way, the planting will be properly selected for the light levels/temperature of the space and correctly planted and installed. For extra peace of mind, take out a maintenance contract so your plants are kept in peak condition.

3. Think Laterally

When thinking of office plants, some people are quite stuck in their ways. (think black pots and palms) The options for greening up an office are just about endless! A professional company will be able to give options for creative ways to bring plants into your space, to make the planting work best in the space and to get the best result. Maybe concrete pots would suit the décor more, or maybe some hanging planting, a moss wall or maybe a full green ceiling! Take advice, look at the options and don’t be afraid to give something different a try…

So that’s that. Plants are beautiful and will enhance any space, but it’s worth getting it right to reap the full benefits.

Have any questions or need some advice? To learn more about the best type of plants for you get in touch at or call us on 0843 122 9545 and we would be happy to discuss your requirements in more depth and find out how we can transform your working environment into an inspirational place that you’ll love to spend time in.

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