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It's more than a chair. The Hag HO9 9321 executive office chair is a philosophy. A chair is not just a chair. It's an extension of your body and mind. Whatever you sit in projects an image of yourself and reflects your ambition. HAG H09 gives you a feeling of private space; creating a screened atmosphere to utterly stimulate your concentration and creativity. But at the same time your chair should allow you to move freely.

With upholstered back and seat in top quality black leather HAG H099321 Excellence is the ultimate in seating. It is an uncompromising chair created by and for perfectionists. The anatomically proportioned and adjustable back cushion provide the back with the right support and give the upper torso a broader radius of action. Slide it up and down to fully customise your sitting experience.


SKU: HAG9321
PriceFrom £1,690.00
Base & Trim Finish
  • The central spine of the H09 chair allows precise alignment of the contoured lumbar cushion, cradling the lower region of the back.

    The HAG H09 9320 has adjustable armrests which are defined by aluminium edging and a tilting function that lowers the armrest for close access to a desk.  HAG footbases are available in matt black or polished aluminium.

    •  Medium back in black leather (rear of backrest upholstered in black Plaintech
    •  BalanceMovementMechanism
    •  Seat height adjustment
    •  Seat Slide
    •  Lumbar pad adjustment
    •  Tension adj. for tilt resistance
    •  Lockable tilt in 3 positions
    •  Aluminium footbase with footplates
    •  Standard lift 150mm.

    Dimensions:   HAG H09 9320 Excellence
    Backrest height: 790mm
    Seat width: 480mm
    Seat depth: 395-515mm
    Seat height: 390-530mm

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