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With arms for single, dual, triple or quad screen displays, plus laptop holder and CPU holder attachments, this range has most workspace setups covered.


These monitor arms are ideal for fixed height computer displays on desks at home or in the office. They are effortless to install with no tools required. Their simple and robust design makes them inconspicuous but built to last.


Technical Details


• Pre-assembled hand-turn desk edge clamp and

through desk fixing included (PMA521, PMA522,

PMA523, PMA524)

• Low profile mini-clamp option

• Tool rail mounted arm option for single screen/monitor

• Inverted single arm option to convert single to twin

• Powder-coated steel, available in Black, Grey or White

• Certifed to: BS EN ISO 9241 Workplace Ergonomics,

PP 045 Safety & Durability


Single Arm

• H400mm pole

• 12.5kg screen/monitor weight capacity

• 32" screen/monitor size capacity


Dual/Twin Arm

• H400mm pole

• 20kg (2 x 10kg) screen/monitor weight capacity

• 2 x 27" screen/monitor size capacity


Triple Arm

• H700mm pole

• 30kg (3 x 10kg) screen/monitor weight capacity

• 3 x 27" screen/monitor size capacity


Quad Arm

• H700mm pole

• 32kg (4 x 8kg) screen/monitor weight capacity

• 4 x 27" screen/monitor size capacity

Pole-mounted monitor arms for 1 to 4 displays

PriceFrom £88.00
Metal Finish
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