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The Silen MindSpa has been designed in collaboration with Synctuition, who are experts in the mindfulness field. Through consultations with meditation experts and neurologists, this cosy and portable space allows you to achieve clarity of mind in a matter of minutes. With the Silen Mindspa, you will feel recharged and rejuvenated in only 25 minutes and optimise your mind to increase creativity, productivity and improve your motivation.



  • Can be locked from the inside so no need to worry about someone opening the door in your session
  • Enjoy the relaxation process in absolute privacy thanks to the special privacy glass
  • Features a unique combination of three-dimensional nature sounds, binaural beats and relaxation techniques
  • Simply sit back, relax, put the headphones on and close your eyes.
  • Supplied complete with zero gravity chair, screen, tablet and headphones
  • The 3D sounds will transport you to a placid environment where you can re-align your mind and body



Indoor Air Quality Certified to SCS-EC10.3-2014 v4.0


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SMSPA - Silen MindSpa 1 person acoustic hub

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