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Refurbishment of a smart cities consultancy firm.

Refurbishment of a smart cities consultancy firm.

Refurbishment for a Smart Cities Consultancy firm, established as the world’s first dedicated smart cities consultancy, who work around the world to develop solutions for smart and sustainable places. Committed to advances in transport, energy, healthcare, and environmental systems as well as better services, reduced emissions, and investing in the future.

“This new office underlines our desire to grow our presence in the city and give our team the quality facilities to succeed well into the future. One of the most exciting aspects of our new office is the emphasis on sustainability and the circular economy in its design and furnishings. We’ve furnished the premises entirely with second-life furniture, and have implemented energy efficiency measures to reduce our carbon footprint.”  Company Director.


"The new office space is designed to foster collaboration and creativity among our team, with open workspaces and plenty of natural light. One of the most striking features is a five-metre-high mural, which is inspired by street art and developed by Urban Foresight’s in-house design team." Company Director.

[quotes taken from company website:]

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