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School Staffroom Furniture

Reception & Staffroom Chairs

It is important that furniture within schools is comfortable as well as durable for teachers as well as pupils. Ensuring tables and chairs are comfortable enhances a safe and productive working environment. Whilst ensuring durability means that the products have a longer life and do not need to be replaced as often. School staffrooms should be thoughtfully planned with attention to detail to ensure that teachers feel valued and productive in their working environment to enhance morale in the workplace.


Benefits of Staffroom Chairs in a School 

Like most other jobs, teachers need an appropriate place to plan their workload and a place to enjoy and relax away from the classroom. A staffroom should be a positive and comfortable place to relax and recharge. Ideally, a staffroom should incorporate high-quality products such as faux leather tub chairs, built for comfort and durability. Our staff room chairs come in a range of colours of fabrics and optional add-ons.

The staffroom furniture and layout should be set in such a way that teachers can interact with one another. Dining and coffee tables within staff rooms should offer adequate space to allow teachers to have lunch whilst recharging.


Spaces Taylored Staffroom Furniture 

Spaces Taylored offer a diverse range of educational furniture. As with all of our high-quality products they come in a variety of colours, sizes and fabrics. Our staffroom and reception furniture is made to be wipable and comfortable to ensure reception areas, as well as staff rooms, are kept clean as well as being productive welcoming places to be.

Marble Surface


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