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Office Fit Out Timeline - How Long Does it Take?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Our office fit out timeline is a useful guide. It outlines the steps and time frames of an office fit out. This is especially helpful if you are unfamiliar with the commercial fit out process.

Revamping an office can be a thrilling experience for businesses to give their atmosphere a new look. This timeline will be useful for making smart decisions during your office-renovation project. It will also break down the phases and scope of works that need to be completed.

Our office fit out project timeline is helpful. It guides you through the steps and time frames of an office fit out.

What stages are there in an office fit out?

1. Appoint An Agent


The property market fluctuates constantly. To make the best decisions, you need to understand what to expect on your journey to a new place.

Hiring a commercial agent can simplify the process of finding a new office. They can help you view properties that fit your budget and requirements. This will help to make searching for a building easier.

2. Workplace Consultancy


Gaining insight into how your business works and how your employees use the office can provide valuable information. This information can be used to make informed decisions about the workplace.

Examine your existing building and office environment. This can help you decide what you want to take to a new space. Evaluate what has been successful and make any necessary adjustments to enhance productivity.Enhance the wellbeing of your employees. Develop a more workable atmosphere to fulfil their requirements.

3. Test Fits


This is essentially a floor plan. It confirms that the space is suitable for your needs. Determining how your business needs can be met is essential.

Gaining an early understanding of how your office space could be arranged is also important. This time is key to achieving both objectives.

4. Lease Negotiations

8-12 WEEKS

Now is the time to negotiate and get the best terms for your rental agreement with your landlord. Be aware that the landlord may have a personal motive. It is wise to have a reliable advisor by your side to get the best result.

5. Selection of Contractor


You have a variety of contractors to choose from. Consider the different proposals carefully to identify the best solution for your project. Choose a contractor that meets your needs. Advance to the subsequent steps of your fit out.

6. Design Development


Your aspirations and brief for your new space are essential. They provide designers with the necessary information to create the best plans for your new space.

Gather your design team together and collaborate to brainstorm. Form ideas and create the atmosphere of your new area. It is essential to make decisions now.

7. Furniture Review


Discovering the best furniture for your new workspace can be a difficult task. Working with a fit out partner's furniture and design team can make it easier.

Together, you can collaborate to achieve the perfect office interior design setup. Attend workshops to explore furniture options. Take tours of showrooms to examine materials, colours, and styles. Choose the right furniture for a practical workplace.

8. Place Furniture Order


Your furniture selection has been confirmed. Your fit out team will obtain the best pricing and finishes from suppliers. Once this is done, they will place the final order.

If you are not satisfied with your order, you can discuss potential replacements. Various alternatives are available.

9. Construction

6-14 WEEKS

Design and build projects usually take less time to finish than those that use the standard approach. The fitting out of your office space will likely take the most time, especially for larger projects. The exact duration will depend on the complexity and size of the space.

10. Furniture Installation


The furniture and construction teams will collaborate to determine when installation is safe to begin. This will result in a complete transformation of your workplace. They will then consult with the suppliers to determine when to deliver the products before setting them up.

11. Relocation


The process of moving may be broken down into various steps, depending on the size of the business. This is to ensure your business continues without disruption.

Progress gradually when transitioning to a new office. Begin with one floor or team at a time. Ensure that the necessary technology, communications equipment, and business operations are installed.

12. Occupation

It is time to transition to your new workspace. Once you are in your new office, the aftercare team will be available to help. They can handle any small alterations that need to be made. They will be available to help you transition after your office fit out is finished.

The office fit out timeline provides visibility into the different stages that must be addressed before starting the project. It gives an overview of what needs to be done and when.

Yet, timescales are essential components of a project. They should not be overlooked. Having an idea of the time investment needed for your project can help you save money. Before and after construction, accurately estimating the time needed can make a difference. Take a lot at our additional services.

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