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Office Space Planning

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Office Space Planning

Spaces Taylored can transform any environment into an amazing place to work. We passionately believe your office should look great and feel comfortable. This is where space planning comes in when looking at creating an office interior design you will love to spend time in.


Essentially it is about making sure your people, furniture and resources physically fit into your workplace. However, the space has to work for the business and its people. Designing it around what your people need to perform best at work and achieve their full potential.


Using the latest technology, our team specialise in maximising space and can advise how many people could be accommodated within your environment or redesign your workspace to make sure it works better for you, which all in all, makes perfect business sense. 


Once we’ve established your requirements we can produce accurate scale plans, 3D drawings, computer rendered visuals and mood boards to bring your ideas to life focusing on colours, textiles, finishes and fittings.


By working in this way we can help create a realistic view of how your new environment can actually look, ensuring a cost effective solution every time.

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