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Bespoke Home Offices in Scotland

In the past year, the world as we know it has substantially changed, an abundance of us have had to face the shift to working from home. This can be challenging at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic! Here at Spaces Taylored we can help to ensure your office setup is practicable and ergonomically adapted with our quality, custom-designed home offices.

By creating a comfortable stress-free working space with sufficient storage, you can increase your productivity and start to enjoy working from home.

Whether your home office is a room of its own, or you are making the most of a small area, we can maximise the space and create an amazing home office that works the way you need it too. Not only do we look at the office space from a design perspective, we will also consider the practicality of the space and its ergonomic impacts, we will ensure that your desk, drawers and chair are all set up to in a way to allow a healthy working environment.

Working from Home with Bespoke Office Furniture

Distraction is often one of the main problems with working from home, this is why we design spaces that allow you to keep your work and daily life separated, giving you the practical space you require.

Working from home can be the perfect solution for many people if you have a dedicated workspace allowing you to switch easily into work mode and really improve your productivity.

Many people use spare rooms, summer houses or loft conversions as an office space and often struggle to find furniture to fit the space, having bespoke fitted furniture will allow you to fit the furniture exactly where needed. We at Spaces Taylored in Scotland can provide both options, either an off-the-shelf option or we can create a bespoke beautifully crafted office that is made to measure. This ensures that you get the workspace and storage space needed regardless of the size or shape of the room.

Why Choose a Spaces Taylored Home Office?

  • Statistics from surveys and polls have repeatedly shown that people who work in a well organised, dedicated environment are happier and more productive and efficient as a result, this is true in the working environment and at home.

  • Spaces Taylored can design and create amazing fitted home offices that fit your space exactly, utilising all the space to its full potential.

  • Our custom-designed Home Offices give you bespoke quality at prices normally seen with 'out the catalogue' furniture, however, a Spaces Taylored Home Office is custom designed and built to fit your room exactly, making the most of the available space.

  • Our range of styles and finishes are vast to say the least, we can offer options in just about every colour and wood finish you can imagine!

Contact Spaces Taylored

Our home office ranges very practical and affordable but are of the utmost highest quality. We can also facilitate payment plans as an option to spread the cost into manageable monthly payments.

With our amazing space planning service and a free no obligation quote, you can see how your office will look before committing to placing an order with us. We have access to the best furniture manufacturers so our range of loose or fitted office furniture is expansive, with a choice of modern, traditional or more contemporary styles, there really is something that will fit anyone’s individual taste.

Call us on 0843 122 9545 or drop us an email to find out how we can transform your current working environment into an inspirational place that you’ll love to spend time in. Be proud of your home office with the help of Spaces Taylored.

Call - 0843 122 9545

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