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How Much do Office Meeting Pods Cost?

Office meeting pod cost

Customers often inquire about the cost of office meeting pods and phone booths. The response is typically consistent: it varies. The price of office pods can fluctuate significantly based on:

  1. Prestige of the brand and superior design quality (luxury, intermediate, economical)

  2. Size and design (single-user pods or multi-user meeting room pods)

  3. Quality of sound insulation (completely silent or with noise diminution)

  4. Features and characteristics (lighting, ready-to-use functionality, air circulation)

  5. Degree of design flexibility (transferability or modularity).

office meeting pods

So how much do office meeting pods cost?

The short answer to “How much do office pods and booths cost?” is:

1-person office pod (phone booth) from £3,895 - £11,033

1-person focus room (single-person office spaces) £12,995 - £144930

2-person meeting pods from £7,902 – £16,519

4-person meeting pods from £12,821 – £25,799

6-person meeting pods from £22,902 – £29,295

What is an Office Pod?

office meeting pod cost

The term "pod" has ambiguous origins, seemingly stemming from biological terms for "seed containers" and later gaining popularity in science fiction contexts, such as escape pods. In the age of cubicle farms, offices packed with cubicles are occasionally referred to as a cubicle ocean and also termed pods (like a 4-pod or 8-pod of cubes). The design of office pods clearly reflects this metaphor.

Office pods are small rooms in a workplace that provide privacy and some soundproofing for one or two people. They can be freestanding or fixed in place. Workers who are closed off and resistant to the open office have the opportunity to have quiet and focused time. This time is away from the busy collaborative workspaces.

Why do Offices Need Pods and Booths?

Office Meeting Pod Cost

The demand for office pods has surged due to the increasing trend of open-plan offices and the rise in hybrid work models post the worldwide pandemic. Research from the University of Sydney reveals that more than half of the individuals struggle with focusing in open-plan workspaces. Moreover, it's projected that regaining concentration after a distraction takes approximately 20 minutes.

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