What is the Difference Between a Cat A Fit Out and Cat B Fit Out?

Updated: Nov 15

It can feel daunting moving into a new office space or refurbishing your existing workspace and there is a lot of industry jargon. We have created a guide to help with understanding the fit out world, which can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the industry. We discuss the differences between the two and what is Cat A and Cat B office fit out as well as expectations from your fit out partner, so you have a full understanding of your project.

Put simply, Cat A transforms a space making it fully functional, yet empty. Cat B transforms the space tailored exactly to the occupant with the space suitable for occupation. It would be completely branded down to acoustic panelling, office plants and fully fitted office furniture. It is helpful to understand initially what a fit out actually is.

What is a Fit Out?

A fit out is taking an empty space, a blank canvas and making it a functional and practical place to work, ensuring that the interior space meets the needs of those occupying it. This can include things like installing facilities such as washrooms, installation of air conditioning, creating a suspended ceiling, raising of the floor and creation of meeting rooms or new offices and furniture supply and installation.