A Guide to Ergonomic Office Space Design

Updated: Nov 15

The average office worker will have poor posture, a stomachache, and sore eyes in 20 years, according to recent research. The research also showed that 90% of office workers who suffer from health issues because of their job are performing more poorly at work.

A model has been made to show the future effects of a sedentary lifestyle and uncomfortable working environment. The model, named Emma, is a result of these conditions.

The research indicates the need for ergonomic workspaces to prevent discomfort and increase efficiency.

There are many ways to create an ergonomic office space, from choosing furniture carefully to encouraging employees to be more active.

Our guide to ergonomic office space design can help you create a space that is comfortable and practical for everyone.

No one wants to look like Emma, so read on for some useful ideas. You won’t regret it!