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Benefits of Heated Office Desks

Are you spending too much on your energy bills?

Our selection of appealing heated office desk options can bring many advantages to the workplace. Each desktop is equipped with its own heat control, allowing users to select the most comfortable temperature without impacting coworkers in the vicinity.

A panel built into the desktop below the surface provides the user with the perfect temperature for working. This design also helps to lower energy bills and disputes over thermostat settings since heat is only applied where it is needed. Studies in educational institutions have revealed that heating can consume up to 50% of the building's budget due to inefficient systems. We aim to offer cozy, heated workplaces nationwide at a cheaper cost than traditional gas and electric heating methods.

Play video below to learn more about the many benefits of these desks...

Heated Office Desk

Save Money

Home energy prices increasing quickly, any money saved is beneficial. Lowering your heating by one degree can save you 8% on your energy bill (Carbon Trust), and with a heated desk you may not need to turn on your heating!

Save Energy

Our desks are much more efficient than other home heating options, using only 260 watts and costing 90% less to run than typical fan heaters of 2500-3000 watts.

Boost Your Productivity

Being cold diverts energy from work. Warmer climates not only increase productivity, but also make people happier; leading to a 13% increase in productivity.

Targeted Heat

The desk employs a radiant heater, which directly warms the user instead of the atmosphere. Fan and radiator heaters warm the air, resulting in lost warmth as it ascends from where it is required.

Durable and Supportive

With a 50kg weight tolerance to a 120kg tolerance our desks can support the most extensive hardware setups.

Stylish and Functional

Our desks are available in a variety of desk top styles, including Oak, Black, and White with the option of either Black or White legs.

Heated desks for home working

The last year has seen an unprecedented shift in the way people work, with many people suddenly transitioning to remote working in the comfort of their own homes. This dramatic change has led to a surge in the demand for home office furniture and equipment, with companies creating products specifically designed to make the home office a comfortable and efficient workspace.

One such product is a new heated desk, which has been designed with the home office in mind, providing ample storage and comfortable ergonomics to make working from home a more enjoyable experience. With the right furniture and accessories, remote working can be made more efficient and comfortable, allowing people to continue to work from home safely and productively. An added bonus is that it is also an effective home heating solution.

A desk for today

The pandemic has highlighted the struggles of working from home. After managing the difficulties of homeschooling, there is still the problem of ergonomics- laptop use on a lap, couch, or dining table can be uncomfortable and affect posture.

For those who will continue to work remotely or in a hybrid style, it's beneficial to focus on desk design. Our newest product is a large, adjustable desk that comes with a heating feature.

Heated desk features

Our desks with heating capability serve well in shared work environments where employees can alter their own temperature if desired, and are also ideal for use in remote settings.

The desks don't heat the air, but objects and people, such as your legs, arms, fingers, and body, are all susceptible to getting chilly, but it's also a good idea if you don't have a home office and are standing somewhere exposed, close to a front or back door, or a draughty hallway.

Energy efficiency

A heated desk is not only luxurious but can also help save energy. With the use of infrared radiant heat tech, our desks use only 260 watts compared to 2500-3000 watts for a traditional desk fan heater, leading to a 90% energy and cost reduction.

No need to bundle up; your desk will provide warmth. Plus, they are easy to use, customisable in terms of height, and come in a space-saving size. Even better, you can also get a sit-stand desk with its health benefits.

Potential Savings

Number of Fan Heaters in the Office

Savings per Week

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