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What is an Office Fit Out?

Updated: May 1

Transforming an office space into a suitable and efficient environment for a company to operate in is the goal of an office fit out. Fit out is a term used when discussing either a renovation of an office or a move to a new one. It relates to the process of changing the appearance and practicality of the workspace. The distinction to remember is that fit out involves the addition of design elements to the office as well as office furniture.

office fit out

The duration of a full office renovation usually falls between 6 and 14 weeks, depending on how large and intricate the task is and scope of works . However, larger projects that are more complex, may take up to 6 months to complete, as they may require structural works and other light construction elements.

During this time, the office space is prepared for the desired layout and fit out to take place. This includes stripping out and disposing of old furniture, walls and floors, as well as preparing the space for services, such as plumbing, mechanical and electrical.

Once the space has been cleared, the fit out process can begin. This includes installing new furniture, fixtures, fittings, and any other elements required for the desired interior design. At the end of the fit out, the space should be ready for use and all the small alterations completed.

Different types and sizes of commercial real estate, like office spaces, can require a different amount of work to get them in shape. The two main categories of this task are referred to in the industry as Category A and Category B.

Considerations for an office fit out

It is important to give yourself plenty of time to plan out your office setup; this will allow you to properly prepare and not have to rush through the process. There are typically many important details to keep in mind when working on such a project, which could lead to an extension of the timeline.

Some of the key considerations are:

  • Condition of existing building services

  • Property restrictions

  • Lead times of products and materials

  • Building restrictions

  • Complexity of design

  • Size of the area

It is not straightforward to estimate the duration of a project without knowing its specifics, however, the office fit out project timeline can be a useful tool to comprehend the process more give yourself plenty of time to plan your office setup. This will help you to properly prepare and avoid rushing.

There are many terms used when talking about a fit-out which can be confusing for those not involved in the commercial fit-out sector.

Generally, the landlord takes care of the basic framework, known as the 'shell and core', which includes the structure, the exterior of the building, the finished common areas, and the outside works.

Creating a basic setup with nothing extravagant is the main purpose of a "cat a" fit out.

The extent of the work to be done by the developer or landlord when fitting out a space for a tenant may vary depending on the tenant's specific needs.

A 'cat b' fit out, which is the standard interpretation of the term, is when the tenant takes control of the new office space and makes it unique to them and ensuring the interior space is suitable.

At Spaces Taylored, we specialise in designing and constructing spaces to fit our clients' needs, whether they are developers, landlords, or end-users. We offer a variety of services, such as shell and core, category A and B fit-outs, in order to create a space that meets all the requirements of the user.

Our project managers provide direction and professional guidance to guarantee that new customers have a problem-free experience when they employ a fit out business.

When it comes to offices, the terms 'fit out' and 'refurbishment' refer to two distinct processes. A fit out is done for a brand new blank canvas space, while a refurbishment is done to an existing office. To learn more about office refurbishment, consult our helpful guide.

If your workplace is outdated, has undergone changes in size, or you would like to create a more invigorating atmosphere, then it is often necessary to consider a new office design.When planning an office set up, it is vital to consider any potential alterations to the company over the next five years. The layout should reflect the organisation's current values while still being flexible enough to accommodate any modifications that may occur.

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