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Sensory Equipment

Sensory rooms can be used to prevent meltdowns by providing a safe and calming environment for children to manage their emotions. A sensory room is a special type of room designed to provide a calming and therapeutic environment for individuals with autism, sensory issues, or those who need a break from the sensory overload and social stressors they may experience in school. The room is typically filled with a variety of calming items such as beanbag chairs, weighted blankets, and other tactile items that provide tactile input.


Soft lighting, comfortable furniture, and relaxing music are also common features of sensory rooms. The goal of the room is to create a calming atmosphere that can help regulate emotions and reduce anxiety. Sensory rooms are also used in school settings to provide a safe and comfortable space for students to take a break from their day and recharge.

A sensory room is a specialised environment designed to provide a multi-sensory experience using a variety of equipment and activities. The therapeutic equipment used in sensory rooms is designed to provide calming and stimulating experiences that can help reduce stress, provide distraction and encourage exploration.


This equipment can include weighted products, soft play equipment, ball pits, bubble tubes, interactive wall panels, and more. These items are used to create an immersive sensory experience that can be tailored to the individual needs of the user. For example, weighted products such as blankets and vests can provide a calming effect and help to reduce stress, while bubble tubes and interactive wall panels can provide a stimulating experience and encourage exploration.

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